Goals for Redlands


- Infrastructure Improvements:    

Fiscally responsible, I believe when forming a spending plan and budget, one must focus on necessities first. Examples of necessities for the City of Redlands are:

· Finish the repaving and maintenance of roads throughout the city that were not included in the current phases of the Pavement Rehabilitation (PARIS) project

· Continue the effort to replace outdated sewer pipes, and water lines, make improvements to the Flood Control Master Plan

· Address the parking shortage in downtown Redlands

· Increase staffing to our City departments including police and fire as needed in order to enhance services offered to Redlands residents.

Additionally, I would then focus on other important issues that are pertinent to the City of Redlands residents and local business owners such as:

· Advance the decorative medians, nicely groomed freeway off-ramps, art decor throughout the city, painted bike lanes, and music throughout downtown. 

· The Downtown Reinvestment Program to help attract more customers to Downtown Redlands. 

I plan to work with City Council members, City Commissions, City Boards, residents of Redlands, and community business owners to add to the list of improvement projects that keep in line with necessities first.  As a Commissioner of Parks and Recreation,  I have witnessed the city staff construct some beautiful works of art throughout the city including the recent renovation of the Orange Street alleyway, the lights on the trees in downtown, and other monuments throughout the city. We have a very talented staff within our city that is capable of conducting projects in-house rather than contracting out. 

- Small Business Development and Housing:  

An important objective of mine is to pursue a series of revenue opportunities for the city of Redlands. Updating community centers and parks will increase their appeal to generate additional revenue to help fund improvements throughout city facilities. Increasing city events in the downtown area will provide the city of Redlands a variety of opportunities to generate revenue from vendor permits and local sales tax revenue as well as provide increased opportunities for our local downtown small business owners to build their customer base.

I am a believer in moderate development. Growing up in Temecula, I watched as this once small town exploded with development, mostly tract housing and corporate strip malls. The city of Redlands is beautifully developed and has a rich history and it is important to me that Redlands stays unique. Keeping the small town image include our small businesses, well-established historic neighborhoods, and strong community involvement from its residents. Unfortunately over the last twelve years, there have been several commercial and residential developments of tilt-up warehouses built as well as many new housing developments on the north and east sides of town. The increase in tract housing and commercial developments has caused an increase in traffic congestion. For the future, we must plan for the traffic issues that will derive from the 2020 railway project. It is inherently important to me to work with City Council and the Parking and Traffic Commission to adopt a traffic flow model. For many decades, California has had a housing shortage and I am in favor of smart developments like affordable housing for renters, condos and condominiums as fantastic alternatives for those who do not want to purchase a traditional single family residence but still want to be homeowners.

- The Homeless:  Create a resource guide for the homeless; encourage Redlands residents to provide resources rather than cash; work with county and state officials to aid the homeless in finding permanent housing, drug rehabilitation and job training.